Picture Unload

Time to unload a pile of pictures.

These are images of April's supposed to be late spring, but I guess not. 

This is a random abstract white board drawing I did when I was bored.

And here are two pictures of my second year at BPA state. This year I did a team event and my Economic Research Team placed in the top ten in state but only to top three go to nationals. We didn't really practice our speech at all so it makes sense why we didn't make it to nationals. 

Recent Art Projects

So I got a 50% of discount on Shutterfly so I decided to make a little book of my photography. The original book I was making was way to big so I narrowed it down to a portrait book. I was pretty happy with the results except a few pictures didn't turn out very well, but over all I'm satisfied.           (Notice: this is only a few pages from the book.)

A couple abstract portraits.

My other art projects have been an extensive History propaganda poster and a vase made out of a root. I wasn't able to get any picture of my finished poster so here is the rough sketch.

To make the vase I cleared away any crumbling excess wood and then painted on a clear protective finish. Then I used clear silicon glue to attach a tin can on the inside to hold water.

Art II

An update on the boxes I was making. I finished these awhile ago but didn't post.



Field Trip

One day after school it was pretty warm so I took some of my younger siblings on a little trip to the stream.

 Experimenting with water photography.