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Photo of the Day: October 5

The average person would say that Montana is the most one of the most boring states, and some times it can be when you are on a 24 hour road trip where the majority of the time is spend going through it. Even though it can be boring, wait until you have a clear, cloudy day with plenty of sunshine.  Where I come from there isn't very much open sky besides over a few fields. Except for that the rest is blocked by all the tree cover. So when I saw the vast expanse of rolling plain and endless skies I was mesmerized. There is just so much space, it's almost like taking in the whole sky at once. Add a few giant fluctuating masses of water vapor and I could watch the sky all day. The experience may not seem like much but it is utterly timeless, as if it you are the first being to lay eyes upon it. The clouds themselves add a whole other dimension to the scene. They are their own world constantly changing, creating new worlds and stories that fade slowly in the wind only to be repla…

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