New Art Project....New Experience

I am currently enrolled in Ceramics II in my school and we are supposed to create a body of work that includes a series of artworks that have a similar theme. For my original body of work I chose to make a series of vases that where shaped and cracked in different places to give a physical form to non-tangible emotions. Once I found out that working with pottery wheel would take to long (cause I wasn't very good), I decided to switch to creating something with clay that I have full control over. So I am now currently creating a set of four to six face molds but each with be manipulated in some way to show movement and feeling, such as swimming, wind, sweat, etc. To start making the faces, I decided that I wanted to use a plaster mold of my face.....and that was a pretty new experience for me.

Thanks for the assistance from my ceramics teacher and a fellow classmate.
 Before we started I had to put a thick coat of Vaseline all over my face and in my eyebrows so that to plaster wou…

Current Art

In addition to my joining of a ceramics class, I have also enrolled in a basic print making class as well. Here are a few pictures of my first linocut prints. To make a basic print you start with an original drawing on a piece of paper and then transfer it to a block of material. Then you cut out all the parts you want to remain white, so in my print I wanted the flower to be black so I cut out the background. When printing the image, I rolled black ink onto the image surface and placed a piece of paper on top and rubbed the backside of the paper with a wooden spoon. This helps transfer the ink off the block onto the paper. 

I made a total of five final works in my series...each one is considered an individual art work. 

Photo of the Day: January 9

Here I am, talking about clouds again. I have always been intrigued by clouds and their formations and colors. The constant, ever changing shapes created otherworldly landscapes that give us a small glimpse of the volumes of stories they hold. We can never know the things they have seen or the history they keep locked away in their mirage of a world. They are ancient yet infant in the unparalleled configurations they create with each new day. Just as a snowflake is completely unique in its own creation, God uses the clouds to form a new scene with a fresh plot throughout each individual day. Every story can have a myriad of different interpretations. The story is given in a broad range of plots, while it is up to the individual to determine how the tale is spun. In this specific picture, I see a coastal world with ocean waves crashing against its shores. Seeing how cloud formations can be visually similar to the formations of ocean waves can, in a small way, show the existence of a s…

Sketch Book Tour

My family recently traveled to Washington for Christmas and while we were there we went grocery  shopping. Me and my brother went to look around and a found an aisle with sketch books. After looking around for awhile I decided to go with this small travel sized book and some three dollar pens. So here is a mini "tour" of what I have scribbled in my book so far.

Scribbles and lots of little guys running around....while I wait for inspiration on what to draw

Abstract cat inspired by a picture on Instagram

Random zentangle mountains

My first attempt at a late sunset drawing...using only three different colored pens

A random doodle that accidentally turned into a black bird

Practicing cartoonish mountains

Finding alternative methods of shading.

A bunch of miniature lake scenes from Minnesota...all labeled with the lake name and the time of year.

Mountain scene inspired by Washington.
This is the start of my next artwork.

Benifits of Snow

So it snowed a bit up here and what better way to use snow than to make an addition for my car. 


Here are few projects I have been working on in my ceramics class. All of these pieces are not fired yet and still need glazing.

Photo of the Day: October 5

The average person would say that Montana is the most one of the most boring states, and some times it can be when you are on a 24 hour road trip where the majority of the time is spend going through it. Even though it can be boring, wait until you have a clear, cloudy day with plenty of sunshine.  Where I come from there isn't very much open sky besides over a few fields. Except for that the rest is blocked by all the tree cover. So when I saw the vast expanse of rolling plain and endless skies I was mesmerized. There is just so much space, it's almost like taking in the whole sky at once. Add a few giant fluctuating masses of water vapor and I could watch the sky all day. The experience may not seem like much but it is utterly timeless, as if it you are the first being to lay eyes upon it. The clouds themselves add a whole other dimension to the scene. They are their own world constantly changing, creating new worlds and stories that fade slowly in the wind only to be repla…