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New Orleans

As I mentioned before I recently went on a trip to Memphis and New Orleans with our schools band and choir. Here are some more pictures of the French Quarter and down town New Orleans.

St. Louis Cathedral

This is a statue of Joan of Arch. A gift given to New Orleans from their sister France.

This is the statue of  president Andrew Jackson who fought at the battle of New Orleans. He stands at the center of Jackson Park in front of St. Louis cathedral.

These pictures are of one of the largest sugar factories in the U.S. The Domino Sugar factory.

Oak Alley Plantation

On my trip to New Orleans we visited the estate of some colonial sugar cane planters. The plantation was call Oak Alley after it's iconic Virginia Oaks which are estimated to be 300 years old.

This is the back entrance to the house.

The thick carpet of fallen leaves.

This is a reconstruction of the original slave quarters.

One of the windows from the slave quarters.

One of the less elaborate chandeliers in the mansion.

The dinning room. The large contraption above the table in a fan that was pulled by a slave in the corner at a speed just slow enough to keep the candles lit.