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Picture Unload

Time to unload a few pictures.

This is a random abstract white board drawing I did when I was bored.

Recent Art Projects

So I got a 50% of discount on Shutterfly so I decided to make a little book of my photography. The original book I was making was way to big so I narrowed it down to a portrait book. I was pretty happy with the results except a few pictures didn't turn out very well, but over all I'm satisfied.           (Notice: this is only a few pages from the book.)

A couple abstract portraits.

My other art projects have been an extensive History propaganda poster and a vase made out of a root. I wasn't able to get any picture of my finished poster so here is the rough sketch.

To make the vase I cleared away any crumbling excess wood and then painted on a clear protective finish. Then I used clear silicon glue to attach a tin can on the inside to hold water.