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Photo of the Day

Here's a throw back to my summer in Washington. This picture was take on Silver Star mountain during sunset. I camped on the mountain and viewing a sunset from a mountain is one of my favorite experiences. Although there wasn't a lot of different colors, it was beautiful in a pure, stripped down way. The sun cast its rays across the foothills in a few basic colors, seemingly in purest form. You could almost feel the sunset in the complete stillness. There wasn't a sound, except for a calm, cool breeze drifting serenely over the mist. It must be because I am a Minnesota flatlander, but I have never felt so close to the sky. I've flow on planes many times but I've never experienced the sky in such a way as I did on that little mountain. I had a great feeling of peace and closeness to the creator.

Subscriber Information

Just an update to my sparse subscribers. You can also find my work on Instagram at instaphoto_gm. Due to Bloggers very public policies I have not been posting portraits of other people besides myself. So you can find more portait photography as well as my usual work on my Instagram page because they allow more privacy.

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                                                Nirag Nostam